2012 is the second season 2HD conquers the discipline of freeride. With unique double profiled bottom, Pre-Stress and Pop Grower technologies, this is a board for demanding riders looking for ultimate speed and control combined with freestyle pop.

2HD's middle flat profile makes the board extremely fast, whilst the deeper outside rocker increases the grip and protects you from unwanted water spray. A new outline was carefully redesigned to upgrade the advantages of Pre-Stress technology. Now the 2HD benefits from even more pop, faster reaction, better grip and maneuverability.


The 50Fifty is a wakestyle-inspired, aggressive freestyle board designed especially for all the new school enthusiasts. Mike “The Knife” Blomvall's signature model is a weapon of choice for those who desire spectacular POP, super smooth landings and tons of control.
For 2012 we coupled the 3D Construction with Pre-Stress technology, to provide limitless pop for unbelievable jumps and tech tricks, whilst the board is still super comfortable on landings and very precise. No wonder it was voted Best twin tip of the year.
New size, the 134 x 39 is a model dedicated for female and light weight riders looking for an uncompromising new school board.


The Flying Carpet allows you to go kiteboarding when the others are still waiting for the wind. The synergy of advanced technologies and excellent shape give the rider unmatched upwind performance and previously unattainable light wind fun. Due to usage of Pre-Stress this board is amazingly lively and features excellent responsiveness. Perfect grip, easy maneuvering and nice POP benefits, with a pleasant ride. It also makes the Flying Carpet easier and more fun to ride than any other board of it's size. As light as a feather, the Flying Carpet is a perfect choice for the first timers and kite schools.


For 2012 we've accomplished what seemed to be impossible - we improved the NHP. This board has always set the standards in kiteboarding technology. Massive POP, limitless grip , impressive top speed, comfortable landings, smooth control and easy ride made the NHP one of the best selling hi-performance boards on the market. Now, by combining our unique 3D Construction with Pre-Stress technology, we raised the bar even higher. Believe it or not, all the features that makes the NHP so powerful have been improved and taken to the next level.
The 2012 NHP makes riding a dream, no matter what the conditions of the water. This board cuts through chop like butter and boosts as high as you dare. The NHP is a performance oriented, all conditions freestyle machine, that's still forgiving and easy to ride.
NBL Freeride


The NBL is a modern, entry level twin tip designed for enthusiasts beginning their kiteboarding adventure. Forgiving flex pattern and excellent upwind performance, alongside supreme comfort and durability makes the NBL a rider friendly board that delivers fun and satisfaction. Inspired by Nobile’s most tech advanced models, this board is a versatile all-rounder that offers an unmatched price to performance ratio.
Designed for progress and fun, the NBL is a perfect machine for those who want to push their riding skills to next level.
NHP Freestyle women


Created with ladies in mind, the NHP WMN is the most tech advanced women's kiteboard on Planet Earth. Designed with Asia Litwin and packed with latest technological achievements of Nobile Kiteboarding, the NHP WMN is a high performance freestyle machine adjusted to meet women needs and demands.
The NHP WMN is the board of choice for female riders looking for an exceptional, big air freestyle machine, without compromising on comfort and upwind performance. Although this is a high performance board, the unique combination of 3D Construction and Pre-Stress technology means it remains easy to ride and forgiving. Just the way girls like it.
Infinity Wave


Designed with three times wave KPWT world champion Jose Luengo, the Nobie Infinity is a new concept of a wave board. More powerful and comfortable, the Infinity is also easier to ride strapless than any other wave board. Super smooth and lively, this is a perfect toy for all kinds of waves, no matter if you use straps or prefer a strapless ride.
A 100% tip-to-tail woodcore with Pre-Stress technology makes the Infinity extremely durable and amazingly responsive. The board is super stable thanks to the thin nose that makes it immune to gusts of wind. The Infinity is the perfect toy for a strapless ride due to the EVA rails and deck. The ultra lightweight construction makes the Infinty a travel-friendly board.


Designed with progress in mind, the T5 has always been the best board for improving your riding skills. This is an easy to ride, extremely versatile machine, created especially for intermediate riders. The all new 2012 T5 comes as a result of careful analysis of what's necessary to help you progress. We totally redesigned the T5's construction to develop a board tailored to your needs. Our unique Pre-Stress technology not only massively improves the board POP, but also increases the stability and edge grip. Soft flex pattern provides the ultimate comfort of landings while deeper rocker line completely eliminates the water spray. It doesn't matter if you ride flat or choppy water, the new T5 is the best tool for the job, a class of it's own among the wide selection of boards available nowadays.


For 2012 we’ve made every possible effort to design a female oriented board that will be a real joy to ride and help you, ladies, progress. The new T5 WMN is a perfect intermediate to advanced rider’s board, designed to help you spread your wings. With a flex pattern and stance tailored to women's needs, this board provides massive POP, perfect stability and nice edge grip. Ultimate comfort for landings is secured by a soft flex pattern, while a deeper rocker line totally eliminates water spray.
XTR Low wind


Nobile XTR is the low wind version of our flagship NHP board. The advantages of our hi-performance all-rounder were redesigned and combined into construction created to extend your riding time at the lower end of the wind scale. Fantastic early planing, moderate flex pattern, outstanding upwind performance and excellent grip provides a smooth and easy ride even when the wind barely blows.