The brand new X-19 is the PERFECT light wind kite. The slightest breeze will be enough to go upwind with a sufficiently big board. The X-19 sets new standards in going upwind and also in jumping. A specially designed depower wing profile makes this possible. Unlike conventional (ram air) profiles, which are mainly modified paraglider airfoils, our kite designer Ernst Strobl (U-Turn) has gone completely new ways. When you move the bar of the X19 two things happen in parallel: The kite's angle of approach (pitch) and its warping are modified synchronously at the same time and over the entire wing-span. When the interaction between profile and bridle is set up correctly, the effect is stunning! The kite's wind range is increased drastically and its handling is unique.  And what good is a kite that works in 6 knots but drags the kiter off his/her board at the slightest gust? The use of specialized depower profiles enabled us to extend the X19's wind range considerably. The X-19's turning speed is impressive, as well, especially for a kite of this size. At a jump, you don't need to steer the kite forward directly after lift-off, as usually necessary with such big kites. At last it's possible to enjoy your flight and forget about the kite until you have reached the final landing phase. Not till then you steer the kite forward to initiate a soft touch down and cruise along with your board without any loss of speed. Furthermore, we have managed to give the X-19 outstanding stability against stalls at the edge of the wind window to eliminate unwanted folding of the kite tips. Thanks to this stability the kiter can concentrate on kiting instead of permanently looking at the kite. This unique stability is achieved by the PPN-system, which is normally used in U-Turn paragliders only: Small sticks of unbreakable plastic with a diameter of just 2mm are incorporated into the front edge of the profile. These profile clips support the kite's airfoil and improve its aerodynamics, especially at the edge of the wind window. We also set great store by the kite's weight and we managed to build an extremely light kite. The X-19 only weighs 3050 grams incl. bridle. We have only used material of the highest quality and highly effective reinforcements are applied to the most stressed parts of the kite. The X-19 is built stronger to last longer!!! That's why you will have fun with this kite for a very long time. The X-19 can be flown with the X-bar, just like the SP-X. The bar is only 52cm (approx. 20 inches) wide and provides very direct kite control. Feel the power and the ease of the Spleene X-19!  Notice: Safety Release only with 5th line!

Kite Size [m²] 19
Cells [no] 38
Bar X-Bar
Windrange [knots] 6-20